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  • Predicting Recessions is Hard and Often Unsuccessful

    Data continues to suggest that the U.S Economy is slowing. The September U.S. manufacturing purchasing managers’ index showed its lowest reading in 10 years at 47.8%i, as exports dived amid an escalating trade war. Consumers are also now expressing concern about the trade conflict. The University of Michigan’s Surveys of Consumers showed in September that a near-record number of consumers

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  • Recession Indicators Mount against Rising Markets

    The second quarter began with gains following a strong first quarter. Markets turned lower in May in response to deteriorating economic indicators and rising interest rates. Our strategies became defensivei in response to our algorithms while the S&P 500 Index fell as much as 7% into the end of May.ii In June, as messaging from the Federal Reserve (Fed) indicated

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  • Opportunities for Tactically Managed High Yield Bonds in 2019

    Equity Valuations Remain High Prospects for High Yield Bonds Improve Tactically Managed High Yield Bonds Potentially Uncorrelated during Equity Declines High Yield as an Alternative to Investment Grade Bonds Equity Valuations Remain High We enter 2019 fresh after experiencing the first bear market in US stocks in a decade. Prior to that downturn, we witnessed investors across the spectrum willing

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  • Toews Strategies Defensive through most of 4th Quarter

    I spoke at a client event in Grand Rapids, Michigan in November, about a month after the recent downturn began to accelerate. After the meeting, when talking with clients, a number of them shared with me their vulnerability to market declines, and how important it was to try to avoid any significant losses. When markets turn lower, investors may wonder

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  • US Joins Global Equities in Downturn

    Throughout much of the third quarter global equities declined in unison with one exception: U.S Stocks. For the week of October 10, US equities joined in to show losses across virtually every sector. Through October 15, European stocks were down down 4.9% for the year. Japan had lost .6%, with China and the broader emerging markets index down 20% and

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  • Advisors Capitulate in the Face of Rising Markets

    In 1999, after one of the biggest bull markets of the century, advisors seemingly abandoned caution. Despite their stratospheric valuations, assets flowed into growth and technology stocks and out of risk-managed and value funds. Investors who earned only 20% likely complained wildly to their advisors that they had only captured a fraction of the Nasdaq Composite return which gained over

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  • Toews Seeks Finance Sales And Marketing Support

    Toews, an asset manager and leader in coaching financial advisors about behavioral finance, seeks full-time sales and marketing support in our New York City office. Our behavioral coaches lead workshops and coach advisors across the U.S. You’ll work closely with coaches on scheduling, follow-up, and marketing workshops. You’ll join the Toews team in our loft-like office near the Flatiron Building,

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  • Dan Kullman, Toews Behavioral Architect

    Toews Behavioral Portfolio Design Workshop Rolls into Bellevue, WA

    It was a beautiful day in the Pacific Northwest, Mount Rainier clear and imposing as advisors from as far away as Fairbanks, Alaska gathered for lunch and a presentation from Toews own Behavioral Economics Architect, Dan Kullman. Dan was in Bellevue, Washington, to present the latest Toews Behavioral Portfolio Design™ Workshop. Dan was clear that although Toews currently manages $1.8

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