Market Update 12/27/22

Market Update 12/27/22
December 27, 2022 phillip_toews_1p9l0e9h

Current Positions:

High Conviction Tactical Models*1:
Developed International Stocks: 100% Invested
High Yield Bonds:  100% Invested
US Stocks: 100% Defensive
Investment Grade Bonds:  100% Cash Equivalents
Managed Risk: Approximately 6% in the money (LEAP Put strike price)

Equity Portion of Defensive Alpha Models*:
33% Bullish Posture

Recent Trades

We began moving our US Stock Positions defensive on Wednesday of last week. On Friday we completed those trades and start this week fully defensive in US Stocks. Developed International Stocks and High Yield Bonds remain fully invested.

Our Managed Risk model starts the week approximately 6% below its put strike (in the money), meaning this put should continue to help offset additional market losses.

Market Environment

The final market week tends to be trade with relatively low volumes, which means that a small amount of volume can lead to outsized market moves. A few points to lead into year-end:

  • Stock valuations are still elevated by almost any measure, which creates vulnerability for further losses coming into the new year. With the favorable seasonality of the 4th quarter coming to an end, advisors should weigh allocation decisions with a focus on managing risk for vulnerable investors.
  • Interest rates begin the year at decent nominal levels. For the first time in years, holding a defensive posture can mean potentially realizing yields of north of 4%. This also means that TIAA (There Is An Alternative) may be the new relevant acronym.
  • The FED seems determined to bring markets lower and unemployment higher. That may present additional challenges for both stock and bond markets moving forward.

Our specific advice regardless of market direction moving forward remains:

  • Move at least half of stock portfolios to hedged equity strategies that attempts to shift from market falls but have the ability to attempt to capture the rebound once the market bottoms.
  • Leave conventional bonds in favor of unconstrained bond strategies that can move to ultrashort
    duration bond positions, TIPS, or High Yield Bonds to attempt to minimize principal

We’ll keep you updated as our models react to market moves coming into the new year.

Happy New Year!

Toews Management Team

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(1)These include the Toews Capital Preservation, Balanced, Balanced Income, Balanced Growth, Growth, and All Equity, High Income, Balanced Income, and Conservative Income portfolios. They do not reflect the allocations of these strategies that are not allocated to Toews Funds.
(*)Exposure to vehicles invested in the listed asset classes
(†)Approximate Defensive Allocation