Toews Asset Class Allocations

Toews Dynamic Fixed Income Strategies
The Toews Dynamic Fixed Income strategies are distinct fixed income strategies offered to our separate account clients and on various TAMP platforms. In response to extreme market conditions, the Toews Dynamic Fixed Income Strategies may trade to cash.

For all of the strategies listed above, there is a permitted variance of 5% for each position. Allocations listed are for new money and to rebalance separate accounts/recommend rebalancing accounts at TAMPS/fund when an account has skewed outside of the 5% tolerance. When invested, these adjustments are made monthly. Toews retains the right to change the allocations or to add asset classes with or without notice to clients.The allocation and other information provided above may not be updated on the same day that an allocation has changed, and Toews waives all liability with respect to any differences between our actual current allocation and that reported above. To confirm our current allocations. In addition, because certain TAMPS have specific allocation requirements, the allocations and other information provided above may not be true for a specific TAMP. For allocations specific to a particular TAMP or to confirm our current allocations, contact Eben Burr at