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Investor Behavior Training for Advisors

Through workshops and consultations, Toews introduces current research on behavioral science to help advisors build a process for training and managing investor behavior. Our comprehensive approach to investor behavior encompasses:

Positioning yourself as a behavioral coach who comprehensively addresses market risks

Understanding and tracking investors’ behavioral tendencies

Building portfolios that attempt to anticipate market dislocations, and that meet both the behavioral and economic needs of your investors

Discussing with your investors plans of action for market disruptions in advance, and asking them to make pre-commitments to take certain actions when market challenges emerge

Providing ongoing investor behavioral collateral to help advisors guide investors through market stress events

Upcoming Events

FTJ University

April 25, 2017
Houston, TX

FTJ University

May 23, 2017
Philadelphia, PA

FTJ University

May 24, 2017
Cincinnati, OH